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World Leader Twitter and Web Directory-V46

The World’s MOST Comprehensive World Leader Twitter Directory Just Got Updated!

“World Leader Twitter and Web Directory” Version 46: 

V46 Announcement Slide


Available for Download @Scribd:


The Basic Stats Are:

  • 8,490+ Unique Entries
  • 6,400 + Websites
  • 4,425+ Twitter Accounts
  • 308 Pages

From 266 National Governments and >1,100 International Intergovernmental Organizations (IIGO’s) from across the globe.

The “World Leader Twitter & Web Directory Database” V46 is NOW Available @Scribd:

V46 Database Announcement


The directory is supported by a SET of 33 LISTS hosted @VITweeple.

Lists @VITweeple

FYI: A mere 20% of the Twitter Accounts curated in the directory are @Verified. The BEST way to ensure that your constituents FIND your OFFICIAL Twitter Account is to get @Verified by @Twitter!

Contributions to Support On-Going Curation are Greatly Appreciated! Thank YOU!

Cheers & Kind Regards,


11 April 2014


Munich Security Conference 2014 #MSC50 Unofficial Twitter Stream

A gathering of many of the world’s top security and foreign policy influencers and experts, the 50th “Munich Security Conference” (@MunSecConf)  is currently underway in Germany. What are the world leaders reporting from the event via @Twitter?

Here is an UNOFFICIAL Live Twitter Feed of Participants Twitter Accounts:

This Twitter Feed is supported by the LIST: https://twitter.com/VITweeple/munsecconf-msc50/members

You can view for FREE the Unofficial “Munich SecurityConference 2014 Participant Twitter Directory by @VITweeple” on Google Drive: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ag46wjpztZ4ddF9IeElsenZRelV6OWxqbm1jbF9SUHc&usp=sharing

The @MunSecConf Official Participant List can be found here: https://www.securityconference.de/en/activities/munich-security-conference/msc-2014/participants/

The directory contains BOTH Personal and Institutional Twitter Accounts (that I could locate). Please NOTE: this is a RUSH Draft and is subject to revision. If you find an error or have an account to add, please let me know. Twitter Accounts in BLUE are @Verified. The (?) indicates Twitter Accounts whose authenticity is suspect.

Cheers and Kind Regards,


31 January 2013

World Leader Twitter and Web Directory-Version 43!

The “World Leader Twitter and Web Directory” Version 43 is here! I have restored FREE access to the WORD/pdf Version.

Version 43 Announcement

The Link to the Scribd-Hosted Version: http://www.scribd.com/doc/181993445/The-World-Leader-Twitter-and-Web-Directory-Version-43

The Stats in Brief Are:

  • 226 Pages of Material
  • >3,475 Unique World Leader Twitter Accts
  • ~4,60 Unique Websites
  • ~1,890 VITweeple
  • ~30 LISTS Hosted at @VITweeple

FROM >750 Intergovernmental Organizations and 266 Governments.

Please consider a small donation at this site to support further updates! And THANKs to the Angel Donors who have already contributed!!!

The Excel Version Will NOT be available for several days…..

Cheers and Kind Regards,


#UNGA: United Nations Ambassador and UN Programs Live Twitter Feeds

#UNGA68 Live Twitter Feed: Countries and Organizations with @UN Missions-New York Twitter Accounts:

This Twitter Feed runs off the ~63 Accounts in the List #UNGA68 hosted @VITweeple: https://twitter.com/VITweeple/unga68/members

It includes: @UN @UN_Spokesperson @UN_PGA

@AUObsUN @EUatUN @IOMatUN @OICatUN @AfghanMissionUN @ArgentinaUN @AustraliaUN @BelizeMissionUN @ColombiaONU @CotedIvoire_UN

@CyprusUN @Denmark_UN @eritreaUN @Ethiopia_UN @FinlandUN @franceONU @GeorgiaUN @GermanyUN @GuatemalaONU @IsraelinUN @ItMissionUNNY

@courtenayrat @Kor_mission_UN @LebanonUN @LiechtensteinUN @LithuaniaUNNY @nawafasalam @PRLTUN @MalawiUN @AhmedSareer @MexONU @Ambmoses @KvanOosterom

@NLatUN @NZUN @GeirOPedersen @NorwayUN @PalauUN @Palestine_UN @PLinUN @PressRUSUN @RwandaUN @SLOtoUN @SAMissionNY @spainUN @SwedenUN @UAEMissionToUN

@UgandaMissionNY @LyallGrant @UKUN_NewYork @AmbassadorPower @USUN @USJoe_UN @ZambiaUN

@Amb_DESTA @AlemuZtekeda @eduardoulibarr1 @NestorOsorioL @JarmoViinanen @JorgeMontanoM

Twitter Accounts in Blue are @Verified.

Additionally Live Feed of ~ 190 @UN Programs and People:

Twitter Feed based on the List: https://twitter.com/VITweeple/un-programs-people

Cheers and Kind Regards,


20 September, 2013

Presto! It’s @AndersFoghR: Integrating Verified Twitter Accounts into Wikipedia and Google Search

“A Single Tweet Can Cause Major Economic Disruptions.”

What would integrating Verified Twitter Account Names into Wikipedia and Google Search look like?

What would integrating Verified Twitter Account Names into Wikipedia and Google Search look like?

Clearly we all rely on information from authenticated sources to make a myriad of decisions in our daily lives. And the ‘New Electronic Social Media’ are rapidly becoming essential information hubs in the realm of global public discourse.  The daily news is filled with reports of what politicians are posting on Twitter, Facebook, and the like. The potential for the New Social Media to transform how we interact with one another as citizens and to enhance the effectiveness of public diplomacy by governments is profound.

In a June Op-ed posted in the Wall Street Journal (@wsj), Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen (@AndersFoghR) introduced NATO’s (@NATO) new cyber security program (@ccdcoe). He began by pointing out, “A single tweet can cause major economic disruptions (1,2).” He was commenting on the after effects of a ‘hack’ of the @AP‘s @Twitter account. The AP’s compromised Twitter account released a false report that the @Whitehouse had been bombed. In response, the Dow Jones temporarily lost some $150 Billion in value. This one report is a strong indication that, ‘What Happens in the Twittersphere Does Not Stay in the Twittersphere!’ But rather can have far-reaching impacts.

In 2011, a fake Twitter account, imitating the identity of Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanual, was able to fool journalists and the public for several weeks (3). And more recently in January 2013, an imposter account “@SurkovRussia,” purporting to be that of then Russian Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Surkov, even had his friends fooled (4).

Social Media are literally rife with fake and parody accounts that mimic the identity of public officials. These accounts cause confusion, make it difficult for citizens to contact their appropriate representatives in government, and obviously hold the potential to cause more disruptions in the social fabric by spreading false and misleading information.

In response to the recent cyber attacks, @Twitter has implemented a new two-step log-in process (5). It also has had a voluntary verification process in place for several years (6). It is reassuring to see that @Facebook has also finally launched its own version of verified accounts (7).

Given the potential for mischief and abuse, governments, politicians and diplomats need to be proactive in providing some guarantee that the ‘Electronic Social Media Accounts’ they employ are authentic. Journalists and citizens should not be left to guess if a particular Twitter or Facebook, etc., account is legitimate. For all the hype, however, too many politicians and government offices are still not making the effort to appropriately authenticate their Social Media Accounts.

In compiling the “World Leader Twitter and Web Directory,” I have screened through literally hundreds of faux, out-dated, and ‘orphan’ Twitter accounts (8,9). A mere 25% of the 1820+ government and intergovernmental Twitter accounts now curated in the “World Leader Twitter Directory” are @Verified (8). That is, ~75% are still not @Verified by Twitter. Further, many accounts lack a link to an official website in their profile. And too many government websites do not have the appropriate Twitter ‘Widget’ embedded on their pages. These lapses make it very difficult for citizens to connect with their representatives on Twitter (and other Electronic Social Media) and create a void for imposters to fill with false and misleading information (10).

Moreover, Comprehensive Social Media Directories are still rare among government websites. And very, very few governments and politicians on Twitter make use of Twitter Lists to inform the public who among their staff and offices are also legitimately on Twitter.

@Wikimedia is Exploring Ways to More Effectively Support Global Diplomacy: Good Public Diplomacy is Grounded in Accurate Information 

On Friday, 21 June, 2013, the Diplo Foundation (@eDiplomat) and the @Wikimedia Foundation hosted a Webinar entitled “Wikimedia for Diplomats” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNW93rjXu4U) on Google + (@Google, @GooglePlus_Feed). [Wikimedia is the Foundation that supports the free, online, citizen-sourced encyclopedia @Wikipedia.]

Diplo Foundation’s Marilia Maciel (@MariliaM) moderated a discussion among four participants: Diplo Foundations Jovan Kurbalija (@JovanKurbalija); the U.S. State Department’s Director of eDiplomacy (@eDipAtState), Richard Boly (@beaurichly); Director of the Italian Foreign Ministry’s (@FarnesinaPress) Instituto Diplomatico, Stephano Baldi (@diplosor); and Chair of Wikipedia’s Affiliations Committee, Bence Damokos (No Twitter Account Found).

The webinar participants weighed some of the pros and cons of relying on the now voluminous wealth of citizen-sourced information contained within the pages of Wikipedia.org for the purposes of public diplomacy. It was pointed out that Wikipedia.org ranks as the world’s 6th most frequently visited website and offers some 90 million pages of content in over 300 languages (11).

It is encouraging to see Mr. Boly and Mr. Baldi, two government officials influential to digital policy, actively working with the Wikimedia and eDiplomat Foundations as well as eliciting citizen input on the future directions of digital diplomacy.

The essential need for accurate, sourced information as an input to social and public policy making and diplomatic dialogue was central to the panel’s discussion. On behalf of Wikipedia, Mr. Damokos emphasized that Wikipedia’s editors make it clear 1) the quality and accuracy of Wikipedia content can be broadly variable and 2) Wikipedia should be viewed as an introductory, but not a definitive, source of information on the topics it covers. I look forward to future discussions on this topic.

Diplo Foundation invited participants to comment on the live discussion and provide suggestions for improving content quality with regards to Wikipedia and public diplomacy. Here are my suggestions:

One: Integrate Verified @Twitter Addresses Prominently in @Wikipedia and @Google Search Results

Google already provides content verbatim from Wikipedia’s pages in its search results of politicians, prominent individuals and organizations. Also, Twitter addresses are already being entered into Wikipedia Profiles.  For example, “Googling” Secretary General Rasmussen would “Presto!” bring up his Verified Twitter account @AndersFoghR along with his photograph and personal data [Slide 1 see above; 14]. No more need to dig and dig on the internet to find a way to directly contact the Secretary General of @NATO!

Qutie simply, providing Verified Twitter account information in this way would 1) make it easier for everyone to find government representatives on the web, 2) help protect against the spread of disinformation by fake accounts and 3) add another level of assurance that a particular Twitter account is authentic. I emphasize that @Verified Twitter accounts ONLY should be used!!!

The advantage of using Twitter account names (as opposed to other Social Media account names) is that they are by necessity short and thus easy to track on the web. Further, Twitter’s uncluttered page layout is extremely user-friendly. When optimized, Twitter Profiles and Pages can provide rapid, direct access to the full ‘Web Presence’ of government departments and elected officials. For example, NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (@ISAFMedia) uses their Twitter Wallpaper to provide a list of their Social Media Contacts [Slide 2]. Again, no more digging and digging to ‘find’ ISAF’s information streams or a way to directly communicate with ISAF Staff.

Putting your Social Media Links on Your Twitter Wallpaper is a smart way to help you followers connect with you.

Putting your Social Media Links on Your Twitter Wallpaper is a smart way to help you followers connect with you.

Two: Host a Social Media Teach-In Week at the @UN

Perhaps the non-profit  Wikimedia and Diplo Foundations would consider hosting an annual ‘Electronic Social Media’ Teach-In at the United Nations in New York. I envision this as a full week of education for both diplomats and citizens that brings together experts in website management, the new ‘Electronic Social Media,’ integrating Social Media tools into websites, cyber security, and effective communication via Social Media. The sessions could be streamed live (using @livestream, @bambuser or the UN’s own live-stream service) and made available on the UN’s @Youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/unitednations. Topics could range from the basics of setting up websites and social media accounts to advanced seminars on how to effectively utilize ‘Electronic Social Media’ to coordinate public advocacy campaigns and engage meaningfully in public discourse and so on.

The ‘Teach-In’ could also serve as a forum for citizen dialogue; a goal fully in line with the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (@wecanendpoverty; @unmdg; @Campagne_OMD;  @mcampaign12,13 ). Imagine a full week of live-streamed webinars and ‘Twitter Town Halls’ [Yes, yes Google and Facebook can be there as well!] with UN Ambassadors, Diplomats and experts in the diverse Social Media.  I am confident many citizens would have much that is constructive to offer in terms of both the structure and substance of public diplomacy and dialogue currently taking place on the varied Electronic Social Media.

I’d gladly tweet with the fine folks at Google, Twitter and Wikipedia to further elaborate on my suggestions! In the meantime, I strongly encourage government departments and public officials to finally, oh finally, get their Twitter Accounts Verified!

Cheers and Kind Regards,

@VItweeple (Yes, it’s me, it’s really, really me!)

1) Twitter accounts in blue are @Verified.

2) via @wsj “NATO’s Next War – In Cyberspace” by Anders Fogh Rasmussen (2 June, 2013)  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323855804578508894129031084.html

3) via @TheAtlantic “Revealing the Man Behind @MayorEmanuel” (28 February, 2011) by Alexis C. Madrigal http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2011/02/revealing-the-man-behind-mayoremanuel/71802/

4) via @JohnsonRussiaLi “Senior Russian Politician says Twitter account is fake, he avoids social media” (15 January, 2013) http://russialist.org/senior-russian-politician-says-twitter-account-is-fake-he-avoids-social-media/

5) via @cnn “Twitter bumps up log-in security after hacks” (23 May, 2013) http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/23/tech/social-media/twitter-security-hacks

6) via @Verified https://support.twitter.com/articles/119135

7) via @Mashable “Facebook Launches Verified Accounts.” (29 May, 2013) http://mashable.com/2013/05/29/facebook-launches-verified-accounts/

8) via @VITweeple “Get Connected to Global Government: The World Leader Twitter and Web Directory” is Here! (V30; 02 Sept, 2013) https://worldleadertwitterdirectory.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/get-connected-to-global-government-world-leader-twitter-and-web-directory-v29-26-aug-2013-is-here/

9) I define an ‘orphan’ Twitter account as one that lacks any connection to an official website in its profile. For example see: @hamadi_ould. Is this this Twitter account of Mauritania’s Foreign Minister Hamadi Ould Hamadi?

10) via @VITweeple “Authenticating Your Twitter Account: A Slideshow” https://worldleadertwitterdirectory.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/authenticating-your-twitter-account-2/

11) via @wikipedia “List of Most Popular Websites” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_popular_websites

12) via @amprog “Twitter Town Hall on the Pos-2015 Development Agenda.” http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/poverty/news/2013/05/30/64502/twitter-town-hall-on-the-post-2015-agenda/

13) via @UN “We Can End Poverty 2015: Millennium Development Goals” http://www.un.org/millenniumgoals/

14) All Slide Images Captured with “Awesome Screenshot” by @diigo https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/awesome-screenshot-captur/alelhddbbhepgpmgidjdcjakblofbmce

G20 Leaders’ Twitter Stream

The G20 Summit is coming up soon (http://www.g20.org/)! It will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia on September 5-6, 2013. Here is the G20 Leaders’ Twitter Stream:

The Twitter Stream includes the personal and office accounts of the presidents and prime ministers of the G20 nations as well as the two official G20 Twitter accounts @G20rus and @G20Russia_rus:   The Stream is based upon the Twitter List of 56 Accounts: “G20 Leaders Sept 2013” (http://twitter.com/VITweeple/g20-leaders-sept-2013/members) hosted @VITweeple.

The G20 Countries and Leaders are:

Argentina: President- Cristina F. Kirchner @CFKArgentina @CasaRosadaAR

Australia: Prime Minister- Kevin Rudd @KRuddMP

Brazil: President- Dilma Rousseff @dilmabr @imprensaPR @blogplanalto 

Canada: Prime Minister- Stephen Harper @pmharper @PMWebUpdates @MiseajourWebPM 

China: President- Xi Jinping; Premier- Li Keqiang

European Union: President European Council- Herman van Rompuy @euHvR @European_union; President European Commission- Jose M. Barroso @BarrosoEU @EU_Commission

France: President- Francois Hollande @fhollande @elysee; Prime Minister- Jean-Marc Ayrault @jeanmarcayrault @Matignon

Germany: Chancellor- Angela Merkel @RegSprecher; President- Joachim Gauck

India: Prime Minister- Manmoham Singh @PMOIndia; President- Shri Pranab Mukherjee

Indonesia: President- Susilo B. Yudhoyono @SBYudhoyono @IstanaRakyat

Italy: Prime Minister- Enrico Letta @EnricoLetta @Palazzo_Chigi; President- Giorgio Napolitano @QuirinaleStampa

Japan: Prime Minister- Shinzo Abe @AbeShinzo @kantei @Kantei_Saigai @JPN_PMO

South Korea: President- Park Geun Hye @GH_PARK @bluehouseKorea; Prime Minister- Jung Hong-won @PrimeMinisterKR

Mexico: President- Enrique Pena Nieto @EPN @PresidenciaMX

Russia: President- Vladimir Putin @PutinRF @PutinRF_eng @KremlinRussia @KremlinRussia_E; Prime Minister- Dmitry Medvedev @MedvedevRussiaE @MedvedevRussia

Saudi Arabia: King and Prime Minister- Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman bin Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Saud

South Africa: President- Jacob Zuma @SAPresident @PresidencyZA

Turkey: Prime Minister- Recep Tayyip Erdogan @RT_Erdogan  @RecepT_Erdogan @TROfficeofPD @BasbakanlikKDK @TRDiplo_Arabic @DiploPubliqueTR; President- Abdullah Gul @cbabdullahgul @trpresidency 

United Kingdom: Prime Minister- David Cameron @David_Cameron @Number10gov @Number10press

United States of America: President- Barack Obama @BarackObama @whitehouse @PressSec @lacasablanca

United Nations: Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon @UN_Spokesperson

Verified Twitter accounts are in blue.

Cheers and Kind Regards,


28 August, 2013

What If The World Leaders Attending This Year’s @G8 Hosted a TweetUp? What Would They Say-Together?

In just a few days, on the 17th and 18th of June, 2013, the 39th @G8 Summit will take place at the Lough Erne Golf Resort Enniskillen in Northern Ireland.  The meeting this year is hosted by the #UK’s @David_Cameron. Nine of the ten world leaders expected to be in attendance now have both personal and office Twitter accounts. They are:

Canada: Stephen Harper-Personal Account: @PMHarper Office Accounts: @PMWebUpdates and @MisajourWebPM   

European Union: Herman van Rompuy: @euHvR Office Account: @European_Union

European Union:  Jose M. Barroso: @BarrosoEU Office Account: @EU_Commission

France: François Hollande- Personal Account: @fhollande Office Account: @elysee

Germany: Angela Merkel-No Verifiable Twitter Accounts Office Account: @RegSprecher, Spokesperson for the German Government

Italy: Enrico Letta- Personal Account: @EnricoLetta Office Account: @Palazzo_Chigli

Japan: Shinzo Abe-Personal Account: @AbeShinzo Office Accounts: @JPN_PMO, @kantei and @Kantei_Saigai

Russia: Vladimir Putin-Personal Accounts: @PutinRF and @PutinRF_eng Office Accounts: @KremlinRussia and @KremlinRussia_E

UK: David Cameron (Host)-Personal Account: @David_Cameron Office Accounts: @Number10Gov and @Number10Press

USA: Barack Obama- Personal Account: @BarackObama Office Accounts: @whitehouse, @lacasablanca, and Whitehouse Press Secretary @PressSec.

You can find these and ~1705 World Leader Twitter Accounts in the “World Leader Twitter and Web Directory” World Leader Twitter and Web Directory (V28) 19 June, 2013NOTE: The Twitter Accounts highlighted in Blue are @Verified.

What if the above leaders co-hosted a #TweepUp or a Twitter Town Hall? What would they say-Together? And what would you ask them? And when, if ever, will Angela Merkel join Twitter?  Will she be like @HillaryClinton and wait until leaving office to finally join the Twitterverse?

In any event, here’s the @G8 Twitter Stream of the accounts above: 

Cheers and kind regards,


Inaugural Release of The “US Federal and State Government Twitter Directory” (V1)

If you like Twitter and Politics, this is the Directory for you!

Announcing the inaugural release of the “US Federal and State Government Twitter Directory!”  US Federal and State Government Twitter Directory (V1)

This NEW Directory Catalogues:

  • >800 Twitter Accounts
  • >800 Websites
  • >700 #VITweeple

It Includes Twitter and Websites for:

  1. The US Administration, including the Full US Cabinet
  2. Governors and Lieutenant Governors from all 50 States
  3. Secretary of States from all 50 States
  4. Every State Government
  5. The 113th US Congress
  6. The 21 US House Committees (~35 Twitter Accts)
  7. The 21 US Senate Committees (~15 Twitter Accts)
  8. The Territories of American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Island
  9. The District of Colombia
  10. The Congressional Black, Hispanic and Progressive Caucuses

I hope you find it useful. Get Tweeting your government representatives!

Cheers and kind regards,


The Excel Version of this directory is currently under construction.

How Many of @FP_Magazine’s ‘500 Most Influential People’ Engage in the Fray of Public Discourse on @Twitter?

How many of the individuals in Foreign Policy (FP) Magazine’s “Power List” engage in the fray of public discourse via @Twitter?

Just recently @FP_magazine published an article cataloguing their view of the “The 500 most influential people on the planet.” (http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2013/04/29/the_500_most_powerful_people_in_the_world)

The individuals Included in @FP_magazine’s list span a broad spectrum of human society from religious leaders and drug kingpins to corporate CEO’s, NGO directors, heads of government and government ministers.

After looking at the list, I wondered how many of those individuals (and the organizations they represent) are engaging in the rough and tumble fray that is the public discourse on @Twitter.

To that end, I have constructed a ‘rough’ Twitter Directory of the list published by @FP_magazine. This directory contains both the ‘Personal Twitter Accounts’ of the individuals in FP’s list as well as Twitter accounts associated with the organizations they represent, their ‘Institutional Twitter Accounts.’

LINK to the Twitter Directory of @FP_magazine’s ‘500 Most Influential People’

LINK to the #LIST of ‘Personal Twitter Accounts’ hosted at @VITweeple: https://twitter.com/VITweeple/the-fp-power-list/members

About 25% (123/500) of the individuals contained in FP’s ‘Power Map’ have at least one Personal Twitter Account. Some of the government leaders in FP’s list have multiple accounts supporting multilingual Twitter Feeds.

Of  the Personal Twitter Accounts, ~62% (78/123) are @Verified. It should be noted a few accounts included in the directory are either out-of-date or of questionable authenticity, but were included for the sake of completeness.

Additionally, ~302 of the individuals in FP Magazine’s ‘Power List’ (~60%) are also associated with (or supported by) at least one Institutional Twitter Account(s).  Approximately 182 out of the 302 of  the Institutional Twitter Accounts (~60%) are @Verified.

Whether the individuals themselves are actually doing tweeting via their respective ‘Personal Twitter Accounts’ or whether support staff are actually doing the tweeting clearly depends upon the management style of the individual. I leave that for you to decide.

Does Being Part of the “Social Media Scene” Lead to Effective Discourse?

As we all know, electronic Social Media permit a larger swathe of the public (We The Tweeple) to directly, dynamically and rapidly communicate with our representatives in government, with both for- and non-profit organizations, with media outlets, and with one another across cultures, countries and geography.

It is often suggested that our new connectivity (or hyper-connectivity, if you will) afforded to us by electronic Social Media will also lead to a fundamental restructuring of the institutions that represent our interests in society as a whole. Moreover, it is being suggested these New Social Media, such as Twitter, are a vehicle by which we will effect more transparent and responsive governments, organizations and institutions; ones more capable of fulfilling our collective needs than has previously been possible since the rise of the modern bureaucracy.

How will we measure effective, meaningful engagement and outcomes?

It is one thing to note ‘who’s on Twitter’ and to count numbers of clicks and followers and @replies and so on. And it is quite another to determine whether we are actually using electronic Social Media to communicate more effectively, efficiently and constructively with one another. That is, in ways that result in practical, tangible solutions to the challenges we all face.

Second, there is a sharp difference between being part of the “Social Media Scene” by signing up to Twitter (and other Social Media) and actually engaging in effective and meaningful dialogue with one another, regardless of the medium at hand. For example, do the influential individuals among FP’s ‘Power List’ view electronic Social Media as just another outlet to promote and promulgate their own ideas and products? Or are they actually listening? And if they are listening, are we saying anything worth hearing? Or perhaps our respective representatives will find themselves too overwhelmed by this new tsunami of commentary and input. Perhaps the communication explosion will only add clutter and not clarity.

Will our use of and engagement on the New Social Media actually lead to more streamlined, effective institutions? Will it result in tangible, practical changes in government policy and programs to our benefit? Will we together in eConsultation with one another and those in power develop new strategies to combat crime and hunger and make more efficient use of limited resources?

Will we move towards more ‘civil,’ thoughtful public dialogue? Or will we merely end up -more shrilly perhaps- reinforcing old, rigid patterns of communication and behavior that lead to stagnation and deadlock in the public sphere? Do electronic Social Media, in and of themselves, create some space for us to refine how we communicate -to be more diplomatic and deferential with one another, or does the increased exposure they facilitate only amplify and reinforce stale opinions and stereotypes?

Will more of us, or at least enough of us, use electronic Social Media altruistically? Or will too many of us use it as an implement to harm and undermine fellow citizens? Surely any tool is only as useful or as destructive as we choose to make it. To wit, in my Twitter Timeline I see so many amazing citizen diplomats broadcasting warnings of impending destruction –tornadoes, storms and the like-, share links to assistance and support, humor, compassion and encouragement with one another. I watch as government representatives post a tremendous amount of useful information for their citizenry, make meetings available by video and livestream, and create new opportunities for broader citizen engagement through Twitter Town Halls. Yet, sadly, I also see individuals and groups abusing their heightened impact and publicity on electronic Social Media to inflame tensions, incite violence and hurl insults.

I personally don’t see that electronic Social Media have  in and of themselves some magical property that will transform human society. Rather, I think the essential thing is how we choose to use this bright shiny new toy now at our disposal.

For example, I recently got the following tweet in my Timeline: ‏@Liberationtech4 Jun Study Suggests Computers Don’t Improve Academic Performance http://blogs.kqed.org/mindshift/2013/06/why-computers-alone-wont-move-the-needle/ … #ICT4E #EduTech #EdTech #eLearning #Education

To which I replied: “‏@PicoBee4 Jun @Liberationtech Very interesting.So, how one actually uses any given tool like chalk AND computers might be the important thing.”

And @Liberationtech most graciously affirmed the ‘rightness’ of my point of view:”@Liberationtech4 Jun @picobee Exactly.”

We are at very the beginning of a new global ‘re-awakening’ to one another I think. And only time will tell if we come out all the better or the worse for it. Whatever happens, it truly still is _as it always has been_ up to all of us and each of us.

Kind regards and best wishes,


A Mere 24% of #WorldLeader and #Government Twitter Accounts are Verified

Only 24% of the World Leader Twitter Accounts are @Verified!

The “World Leader Twitter and Web Directory” as of 04 June, 2013, comprises some 1650 Unique Twitter Accounts of World Leaders.

Only 395 out of the 1650 Twitter Accounts are actually Verified. Here is an alphabetized list of the Verified Accounts in the directory.

@predsednikrs is now verified also.

Accounts 1-120:

Verified Accounts1 Verified Accounts2 Verified Accounts3
@AboutTheHouse @chavezcandanga @EU_Consumer
@ABZayed @CHedegaardEU @eu_eeas
@AgenciaCamara @childreninwar @EU_eGov
@AlexSalmond @CioOlympique @EU_enterprise
@AlfioPiva @ClarenceHouse @EU_Health
@algore @ClintonFdn @EU_Justice
@AlvaroUribeVel @CraigatFEMA @EU_Regional
@ambassadorrice @DalaiLama @EU_Social
@AmericaGovFr @DaniloMedina @EUenvironment
@AndersFoghR @DannyAyalon @EUHomeAffairs
@AntonioTajaniEU @David_Cameron @euHvR
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